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The Kyoseki organising team is organised as an official association. Here you will find the right contact person for your request.
Portrait Foto Patrick Heche Bonsai



Areas of responsibility:
- Support for French dealers
- Exhibitor support Bonsai
(correspondence in French)

I was educated as a jeweler at the Ecole d'Art Appliqué and am currently working as a freelance jewel setter. Through my profession I appreciate the care and perfection, the delicacy and beauty as well as the creation, all that I find in the art of Bonsai. I love displaying my Bonsai. For my presentations I am looking for compositions that tell a story and convey emotions. This drives me to constantly improve my trees because Bonsai is an evolutionary art!

Nadja Tschudin Portrait Foto



Areas of responsibility:
- Advertising Social Media
- Dealer support German and Italian
- Sponsors
- Protocol

As a child, my parents taught me to experience nature, to admire its beauty and unbridled power. By working with Suiseki, this intuitive approach has deepened and another dimension has been added: the art of presentation. My focus is on the harmonious connection between Suiseki and Suiban (ceramic plate). I`m engaged with the production of ceramic plates for several years now. To underline the effect of a stone with a matching plate always fascinates me anew.

Marcus Stauffer Portrait Foto



Areas of responsibility:
- Overall management of the Int. Mineralientage Basel
- President of the Mineral Association Basel Section
- Photographic documentation

Already in my early youth, the fascination of crystals captivated me and has not let me go until today. Every summer I search for the hidden treasures in the mountains and enjoy the wildness of nature. The search for minerals brings so many surprises to light and never ceases to amaze. For 25 years I have been president of the Basel Mineral Association (one of 16 sections in Switzerland) and run the Int. Mineralientage; the largest exhibition on minerals, fossils and gemstones in Switzerland.

Sandro Tschudin Portrait Foto



Areas of responsibility:
- Coordination/interface with the international Mineral Days
- Publicity in general (articles, etc.)
- Reports (DSG, ESA, VSANA, BonsaiFocus)
- homepage
- Flyer

I understand stones as a form of energy. I would like to share with people the deep joy I feel when I find beautiful stones in Switzerland and abroad. Japanese aesthetics influenced me early on in my artistic training and are now expressed in the conception of Suiseki presentations. Let's be inspired together by the greatest of all artists - nature.

Daniel Battaglia Portrait Foto Bonsai



Areas of responsibility:
- Structure and material
- Lighting
- Dealer support German

I came in contact with Suiseki through designing Bonsai and participating in exhibitions. In the beginning they were just beautiful stones for me, but through intensive observation and experience with my first presentations, this perspective has gained in depth. Suiseki is difficult to put into words: the variety of shapes, colors and the endless possibilities of presentation in daiza, a suiban, on tables or with scroll paintings make Suiseki a living art form. It radiates calm and strength and creates space for the hidden beauties of nature.

Martin Fercher Portrait Foto Bonsai



Areas of responsibility:
- Concept
- Plans
- Supervision Dealers German
- Coordination Kyoseki Association
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